Stone Ridge Men's Club 2024 Schedule 

2024 Membership
$80 includes: Men's Club Membership - OGA GHIN Handicap
$35 for Men's Club Membership (If you already have an established OGA GHIN Handicap)
$45 for OGA GHIN Handicap Only

2024 Schedule
(All Events 8AM Shotgun Start but are subject to change)

We have finished putting together the schedule for this year. We think it will be a little more fun and exciting. From what we are hearing, there seems to be a lot more interest in the men's club and we are looking forward to seeing more people at every event.
A couple things to note first. Remember, we are holding every event this year on Sundays and we have spread the dates out as much as possible to help make it easier to plan. We have also implemented a throw away tournament this year. This means nine out of the total ten events will count towards your club championship points for the end of the year. For example, if you golf all ten events, the tournament you scored the worst on will get thrown out. This can also mean if you only golf nine tournaments and miss one, you will still get all the points possible you can get for the year. There will also be gross and net scoring for every event. Last year we had two events that were net only events. 
The match play championship will start in May for qualifying. The tournament will start in June and run through July. Keep in mind the match play tournament also counts towards your end of the year points and will still be flighted like in the past. You must play in two men's club events to qualify and play in the match play event. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. 
February 18th- 1 man scramble. You will play two balls on every shot however you must have six holes where you can only hit one drive. They don't have to be declared before you hit so if you hit a good drive, take that as one of your six one-drive required holes. 
March 24th- 2 man 6-6-6. 6 holes will be best ball. 6 holes will be alternate shot and 6 holes will be a scramble. The club will have which holes are each on your scorecards. 
April 28th- Individual stroke play event
May 19th- 2 man stableford
June 23rd- Red White and Blue tournament. 6 holes you will tee off from the reds, 6 holes form the whites, and 6 holes from the blues. You will get to choose which holes you want to tee off from but must get 6 from each one. 
July 21st- 4 man two best ball tournament. Get your best 4 buddies together and each will play their own ball the entire round. Only the two best scores from each hole will count towards your team score.
Aug 18th- 2 man superdrive. Each player must get at least 6 drives in. 
Sept 29th- 2 man alternate shot. This will be a fun one! 
Oct 20th- Individual stroke play. Last one of the year to see where you will end up. 
We will have an awards dinner in November and do something similar as to what we did last year. More news will follow for this towards the end of the year.  

Dates and times are subject to change
Contact the golf shop for more information 541-830-4653